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LS Energy Solutions is your ideal partner.

Are you looking to partner with a systems integration expert that can provide you a complete and integrated energy storage solution? Or are you looking for advanced energy storage system components for your own integration? Either way, LS Energy Solutions is your ideal partner. 

Combining LS Energy Solutions’ advanced energy storage power-conversion systems (PCS), software, and integration capabilities with LS ELECTRIC balance of system (BOS) components like switchgear, circuit breakers, and contactors makes LS Energy Solutions a convenient and cost effective one-stop shop for your energy storage system needs. 



The AiON-ESS all-in-one integrated system is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution for 1-hour applications that incorporate our third- generation string inverters, together with Tier-1 energy focused batteries in a single, scaleable enclosure, enabling configurations of any size for almost any application. The fully integrated, containerized system reduces upfront capital outlay and saves on site installation work

The all-in-one system is built from paralleled AC string inverters installed inside an air-cooled section of the container, together with an isolated HVAC-cooled DC battery compartment. DC battery strings are aggregated in small groups to keep the DC bus voltage at lower, safer levels for the end customer. The system can operate from 200 VDC up to 1350 VDC, making it compatible with most current and future energy storage technologies

AiON-ESS Power Series

The AiON-ESS Power Series all-in-one integrated system is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution for 1-hour applications.



The AiON-String Inverter System is our third generation bidirectional string inverter for energy storage and the fundamental building block of our integrated storage systems. 

With industry-leading power density, the AiON-SIS inverter offers the patented ability to parallel the inverter on both AC and DC sides, making it easy to configure multiple inverters into larger units up to 3MVA. The AiON-SIS can operate from 620 VDC up to 1500 VDC, making it compatible with most current and future energy storage technologies. 

Air-cooled, the AiON-SIS can operate in environments up to 55°C/131°F (with derating), making it suitable for most applications. The AiON-SIS also features optional grid-forming capability making it suitable for use in microgrid, backup power, and resiliency applications.

The modular AiON-SIS architecture comes with multiple advantages:



Backed by decades of industry experience, LS Energy Solutions aftermarket and service teams support projects for all your aftermarket and service-related needs. Whether the need is training, commissioning assistance, preventative maintenance service, spare part and warranty support, or remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, our experienced personnel are ready to lend a qualified hand. LS Energy Solutions is always available to support our customers and offer easy-to-reach global technical support.


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