Our Future with Energy Storage

As the world continues to recognize the impacts of climate change, we urgently need to decarbonize our power grid in order to tackle the crisis. We believe that energy transition is this generation’s greatest challenge and an obligation to provide future generations with a planet that is livable.

We at LS Energy Solutions are proud to lead the energy storage marketplace by providing our partners with the AiON-ESS, an innovative all-in-one comprehensive energy storage solution. Energy storage is a critical enabler of grid decarbonization, irrespective of whether the batteries are co-located with solar and wind farms, or provide capacity, grid balancing, resiliency, and energy benefits as stand-alone grid assets. For that reason, in the U.S., we strongly support not only the extension of renewables tax credits but also, the inclusion of stand-alone storage in the investment tax credit structure.

Clean energy technologies, including energy storage, can spearhead the charge on new jobs that haven’t existed before in this country. On that note, the prevailing wages and apprenticeship requirements, as well as the domestic manufacturing incentives, will usher in hundreds of thousands of jobs in clean energy manufacturing, installation, and development. Overall, the climate provisions of the reconciliation bill are a win-win-win for the energy industry, the consumers, and the environment.