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890GT-R Battery String Inverter

The Parker 890GT-R series Power Conversion System (PCS) is an 80kW bi-directional battery energy string inverter. It is designed for installation in a standard 19" server style rack.

Performance Characteristics
  • Output kW Rating (Normal Duty) : 80
Product Overview
The LS Energy Solutions 890GT-R series Power Conversion System (PCS) is a bi-directional inverter which enables AC power from the grid to be converted to DC, charging energy into batteries or discharging already stored energy from the batteries onto the grid.
The PCS synchronizes to the grid frequency and voltage, providing a stable power output, and appearing to the grid as a synchronous generator. In addition, it responds to changing grid conditions, primarily providing energy at a controlled ramp rate, but can also inject active/reactive power quickly to correct short term frequency and voltage fluctuations. The 890GT-R can also dynamically control power factor or on demand, supply the requested level of active and reactive power over a wide range. Major components of the 890GT-R includes AC L-C-Lfilter, IGBT power circuit, internal power supplies, control board, fuses and isolation devices necessary to run and disconnect the PCS from the AC grid. The 890GT-R is designed to manage an individual battery string which typically is installed in the same 19” racking unit. While the DC bus of each unit must be isolated from others, the AC side may be paralleled directly with other PCS units (up to 45) and connected to the same three phase windings on a step-up/ isolation transformer.

To minimize the total cost of ownership, the 890GT-R has been designed with a unique and compact architecture in mind. With the standard 19” rack mounting configuration and sliding rails, replacement of a unit in the field is a quick and easy task.
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