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890GT-S Outdoor Central Solar PV Inverter

The 890GT-S Central Solar Inverter is designed for direct outdoor installation. It is available in ratings to 1950 kVA, and for array voltages up to 1000 volts DC. Integral advanced cooling results in a unit that is compact and easy to transport.

Performance Characteristics
  • Output Current Rating : (A)2750
  • Output Rating (kW) : 1250, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1750, 1950
  • Voltage (VAC) : 270, 315, 342, 360, 370, 415
  • Voltage (VDC) : 1000
  • Enclosure : IP65
Product Overview

The 890GT-S Outdoor Solar Inverter is a megawatt class free-standing package designed for utility scale PV solar field applications.
A high efficiency design integrates proven IGBT power conversion and low loss powdered metal core inductors with Parker's ground breaking two-phase cooling technology. No air conditioner is required, as the power semiconductors, inductor, and internal ambient air are cooled by Parker's two-phase advanced cooling system. Integrated combiner panel and multiple access panels make installation and scheduled maintenance a breeze. The 890GT-S employs a unique modular design for ease of maintenance and service. Output power is handled by replaceable phase modules, which are cooled by Parker's advanced 2-phase cooling system, with no air conditioner required. Each module contains IGBT power semiconductors, long life film capacitors, and gate drive circuitry. The easily removable modules weigh only 16 kg (about 35 pounds), and average time to swap is under 15 minutes. Cooling and AC power connections are quick disconnect type, with connections made as module is installed. AC output filters also utilize a modular tray design for easy maintenance.
This unique modular construction offers an extremely low MTTR for high system availability.

  • Direct outdoor installation, no shelter required -IP65, dust-tight sealed enclosure
  • Multiple panels for connections and components provide for accessibility from exterior of unit
  • Field replaceable inverter modules -Parker advanced 2-phase liquid cooling system
  • Integral HMI touchscreen with InteractX -Meets ARRA “Made in America” requirement
  • Communications capabilities allow fast and accurate monitoring and control of all inverter functions
  • Real and reactive power support enables the inverter to help mitigate voltage excursions, taking the burden off the electric utility's traditional voltage and frequency regulating equipment. -Dynamic VAR injection provides reactive power -Expanded frequency trip point allows continued operation without disconnection during many grid frequency excursions
  • Low-voltage ride through capability (LVRT) ensures that the 890GT-S will not trip during transient disturbances
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