LS Energy Solutions


890GT-B Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Inverter

The 890GT-S Central Solar Inverter is designed for direct outdoor installation. It is available in ratings to 1950 kVA, and for array voltages up to 1000 volts DC. Integral advanced cooling results in a unit that is compact and easy to transport.

Performance Characteristics
  • Output Current Rating : (A)2750
  • Output Rating (kW) : 1250, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1750, 1950
  • Voltage (VAC) : 270, 315, 342, 360, 370, 415
  • Voltage (VDC) : 1000
  • Enclosure : IP65
Product Overview
A critical component of any successful energy storage system is the Power Conversion System, or “PCS”. The PCS is used in a variety of storage systems, and is the intermediary device between the storage element, typically large banks of (DC) batteries of various chemistries, and the (AC) power grid. The LS Energy Solutions 890GT-B series PCS is a bidirectional power conversion device, enabling grid power to be converted to DC, charging the batteries in a controlled manner, or enabling battery power to be “inverted” to AC to feed the grid. The 890GT-B has the capability to dynamically control power factor, supplying the grid with the requested amount of real or reactive power on demand over a wide range. Given that the PCS is usually operational 24/7, and in a range of potentially extreme environmental conditions, a unique and effective thermal management system is included – both for the inverter and for the ancillary components. No air conditioner is required, as the power semiconductors, inductors, and internal ambient air are cooled by Parker's two-phase advanced cooling system. The cooling system is self contained and requires no chilled water or external condenser. The 890GT-B is available in ratings to 2200 kVA, and for storage arrays up to 1200 volts DC. It is designed for direct outdoor installation. Multiple lockable access panels make installation and scheduled inspections and maintenance a breeze, with no need for personnel to enter the enclosure. The small footprint and integrated transformer connection results in a space saving installation.